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Defective products cause thousands of injuries every year. People endure everything from scars and scrapes to lost limbs. Jungers Law Firm is here to hold manufacturers and vendors accountable. If you suffer at the hands of a faulty product, our product liability lawyers in Nashville are ready to assist you.

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Types of Product Liability Lawsuits

Defective Design

Product liability lawsuits fall into three categories, with a defective design being the most common. In that instance, the product was dangerous or faulty, and the defect caused harm to the victim. The lawsuit requires proof that:

  • The victim used the product as intended
  • The product is unsafe
  • A different design would make the product safer
  • The cost of the better design is not a burden on the manufacturer
  • The product would serve the same function with a new design
  • Using the product results in demonstrable loss or injury

Our product liability lawyers in Nashville can help you prove the manufacturer is at fault. For instance, a child’s toy may include a choking hazard, or a car seat may fail to protect the user. A defective mechanical component may also cause product liability.

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Defective Manufacturing

Defective manufacturing occurs when the manufacturer creates an unsafe product. Victims must show the construction is inherently dangerous. For instance, a car company may have installed the cruise control feature correctly on all cars, except for the one a victim used.

Failure to Warn

Some products are more dangerous than others, like gasoline or tobacco. Manufacturers must put warning labels on those items to alert customers. If the product does not have a warning label or is challenging to understand, victims can file a failure to warn of defects lawsuit.

A product liability lawyer in Nashville must prove there was inherent danger and that manufacturers had an obligation to warn customers of the risk. The lawyer must then show there was inadequate warning, and the victim suffered because of it. A duty to warn applies when a reasonable person wouldn’t know the product was dangerous, so a lawsuit involving knives would not work.

Statute of Limitations in Nashville

Victims have three years to file a tort claim for a product liability lawsuit in Nashville. Some cases require victims to file within a year of the injury. Note that the start date is the day of the injury, not when the plaintiff purchased the product.

Compensation in Product Liability Lawsuits

At Jungers Law Firm, we understand that damage goes beyond physical suffering. Our product liability lawyers in Nashville work to ensure you get compensation for your emotional pain and mental distress resulting from the defective product—that is on top of lost wages, medical bills, and other pertinent expenses.

Find out if you are entitled product liability compensation. Cases are often complex and challenging, so it's best to have an experienced legal counsel from the start. Jungers Law Firm is here to defend your rights. Give us a call to set up a consultation today.

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